Preparation tips

basically the best preparation is :

1) read the official language specification and documentation – you can find this at Oracle:;
2) write a lot of code while performin 1) such that you understand better the concepts behind and you don’t forget them after 2 days;
3) go to Oracle Education page, search for the OCJP certification and look for the Preparation tab: there you can pass-trough all the topics;
4) there are a lot of books exactly tailored for each certification – it’s a good thing to read them 2 times and understand everithing – but keep in mind that what Oracle offers is the official way, so don;t give it up; you have to combine them;
5) practice practice practice – do all the questions in all the certification books you read – at least 3-4 times, earch for offerings from Oracle for practice exams – for a better than 95% passing score you have to do at least 3000 questions.

Consult the oracle education website and look for OCJP preparation: look for
prerequisites: these can be exams and/or courses you have to pass before taking the certification.
To clear the information up, it’s a good ideea to call the Oracle Education representative and make sure you’ve got it all.

wish you all success!


OCJP Exam Details & Syllabus

OCJP stands for Oracle Certified Java Programmer. This is the basic certification in the field of java. Say, you want to be an Android programmer, J2EE programmer or in any other Java technology, this certification is the most basic one. For many other certifications OCJP is kind of  prerequisite. Believe me it’s  good to have it in your resume in early stages of your career.

              The latest version of OCJP is OCJP 6, which is for jdk version 6. The syllabus for OCJP is basic or say core java only. There are many books  in the market for OCJP preparation. But  “Sun Certified Programmer For Java 6 Study Guide” by Kathy Sierra is simple and good one. Yes! That book with thinking statue on it’s front cover.
You can download soft copy of that book from here.
The exam is for 150 minutes with 72 questions. Passing score is just 61%. There used to be drag and drop questions, even you will find many in books and dumps. I said “there used to be”, because I think recently these kind of questions have been removed from the exam. But it’s good to be on safer site and prepare few of their type.
The syllabus for scjp is as follows :
  1.  Declaration and access control
  2.  Object declaration
  3.  Assignments
  4.  Operators
  5.  Flow control, exceptions and assertions
  6.  String ,I/O, formatting and parsing
  7.  Generics and collections
  8.  Inner classes
  9.  Threads
           These are just names of the chapters from the book which covers all the syllabus. Actually you need not to worry about exact syllabus, as that is generally stated in very vague form which is very unclear from exam point of view. At first glans this seems too easy, but tiny details of java covered in the syllabus are quite tricky and interesting to learn.
I would suggest you to read this book and solve questions from it for detailed knowledge of the language. But if you don’t have that much time or interest in it, you also can read dumps for OCJP. You can also solve these dumps after reading the book, just for extra fun.
You can download dumps for OCJP 6 from here.